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Privacy Notice

1. use and protect your data cautious for data persoonia you. In an effort to do this (such as the collection, processing and delivery) for all activity associated with processing the data we received regarding the designation. Data you order, take care of commercial and selling process more storage need to move perkhidmatan our allies, if necessary. In addition to this use of your data to third henkilökohtaisia ​​persoonia.

address and command your Data is collected and processed for marketing purposes. Where appropriate, and follow the purposes of the laws relating to investigation of the market, and to improve our products and users without the profile name.

critical data-processing fee for the movement of our movement in penghantaran Ghana. The delivery via SSL penyulitan survivors.

Personal data may also be used to check your credit. Sis kebarangkalian value is used. Used in this assumption, among others, addresses edict. 2 Evästeet use
We use cookies. What Cookie Yes, but if you visit a web page to your computer ushered in a small text file. may biscuits and other parties. With cookie-riot situation will be better. Cookies, for example, to make sure THAT products in the train in mind. What are called biscuits shops also provide normal functioning.

In addition, cookies are used for the purpose of marketing and analysis purposes and purposes of our perkhidmatan as much as possible. Reality and Cookies can be used to put a cookie in the notice, which made Cookie ( or a third party), the entire period perpetuation of cookies and do not accept the consequences of its objective.

You may set your gob to not save the Cookie / appointment, or to notify you when you receive a cookie when. About how to specify this notice, please refer to the Help menu or the Internet asetukset your web gob Rick.

It may be you if you do not accept cookies still be found. However, it may be some traits or perkhidmatan, not operating at its best, the user is restricted.

3. Delivery Notices sales activity
Vieraiden collection and use of data to declare the bid or products and new perkhidmatan personálu keep improving. v the right to deliver notice via e-mail to the experts-experts, to attract experts claim there is no value here. One option to show this is to increase the activity of selling Each communication via e-mail.

4. Data storage edicts and the right to woo
You may ask deliver edicts inscribed on them persoonia stored data. bushes may be prohibited or deleting a state of riot - must be processed immediately

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